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Hm, upgrades.

October 22, 2014


One of the problems we’ve been having from the start is that the motors I used were recycled from a couple of electric scooters and not only they are kind of weak, they are also unequal: one is 200W nominal and the other 240W. This wasn’t too apparent until recently when we implemented regenerative braking, […]

We made the news!

September 23, 2014


We made the news!!! Here’s Portuguese television channel 3 (“SIC”)’s coverage of the event, with a 3 second apparition of the DiffTrike at timestamp 1:39. Plus, the national radio “Rádio Renascença” also promoted the event and interviewed me in studio about the project. My 20-second promotion spot can be heard on that page; an  8-minute […]

Off to the Faire!

September 22, 2014


NOTE: THE Lisbon Mini Maker Faire 2014 IS NOW OVER. THIS IS A POST-POST. 🙂 The Trike is finally ready for show time. Please have a seat and take a smooth ride… So I packed it up on my car and went off to the Maker Faire. Once we got there, a lot of people […]

Tuning out the glitches

September 20, 2014


WE ARE AT THE FAIRE RIGHT NOW! 🙂 JOIN US! Meanwhile we’ll keep posting the story behind the project… Me and NJay finally got together for a hacking jam session to find out what the heck is going wrong with the I²C comms bus between the RasPi and the Power Bridges. This is where his […]

New wiring, power test

September 17, 2014


Vnevoa: Due to the new I²C communications bus scheme, I had to make new cables to connect the Raspberry Pi controller to Njay’s power bridge controllers. This cable is a simple “Y” shaped common bus made from CAT-5 network cable. The network cable is cool for the job because it’s already got 4 twisted pairs […]

Bridge supports crafted

September 15, 2014


Njay got me not just the bridges but also some kind of ultralight plastic material plank to use as support for them. This mechanical support is of critical importance for the survival of the bridge circuits, because the only mechanical attachment between the bridges and their big heavy heat sinks are the electrical pins of […]

Christmas time!!!

September 13, 2014


NJay: Look what I brought you… Vnevoa: YESS!! 🙂 My turn to play with them!! 😀 And as soon as I got home I tried them out for size on the chassis… (to be continued…)