Sustainable design links:

Page of David Meeker’s FEMM software:

Repository for the “MotorFemmulator” electric motor simulation Lua & Octave code:

Information about magnetism and electromagnetism:

Repository for the “DiffTrike” on-board controller’s Python code:

Power electronics & control information:

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  1. Kailash Thakur

    November 25, 2008

    Can I have your Lua script of motor

  2. Kailash, all the code is already publicly available in the repository.
    You have 2 links above:
    – The “Web browsable” version, where you can navigate the files and read the code online (and also save the files one by one, if you wish) – just click on the little version number after the file name, it will show you the content of the file;
    – The “SVN Checkout” page, where you can find instructions for doing an automatic checkout of the files through a “Subversion” client software (in Windows/Linux/Mac/etc.).

  3. – I’ve added a third option “downloadable tarball”; click that to get a compressed file with the latest version of all the files in the repository.

  4. has upgraded their platform. I’ve updated the MotorFemmulator links.

  5. My dear friend, what you’re doing is amazing. Congratulation.

    There is something I don’t get with what you did on FEMM.

    How did you find the value and the shift phase of the current density in each segment wich simulate the magnet ?

    Thanks my friend you’re the best !


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