Photo Gallery

SoapBox mk II nearing the end of assembly

SoapBox MkII on the operating table. Here with the second incarnation of the main controller, battery pack, and power bridge.

Monitoring of the I2C bus between the main controller and the bridge controllers. A very sick bus indeed, the rise time is huge and there is lots of overshoot in the fall. It is from the first times we tried it.

Second incarnation of the main controller. Another GTA02 board, this time hot-glued and with the touch screen on. Visible below are the main power switch, USB plug for the joystick, I2C bus extension, and main power wire.

Inside the main controller. DC-DC converter (24V->3.6V, 2A) in sight. Also visible are the wires for power, USB, and I2C bus, as well as USB data pull-down resistors to allow the GTA02 to be a host.

Standardized hacking rations. Mmmmm... cheese... 😉

Planned hardware layout for the Soapbox mkII.

Initial software layout, main controller.

Power bridge, first prototype.

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