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DiffTrike mechanical drawing

October 13, 2014


With some people wanting to build their own crazy trike / kart and due to popular demand, I’m posting here the current design and measures of our proof-of-concept vehicle. Obviously, this is not an engineering blueprint, and anything you build based on this information is your responsibility alone – don’t blame me/us if you break […]

New wiring, power test

September 17, 2014


Vnevoa: Due to the new I²C communications bus scheme, I had to make new cables to connect the Raspberry Pi controller to Njay’s power bridge controllers. This cable is a simple “Y” shaped common bus made from CAT-5 network cable. The network cable is cool for the job because it’s already got 4 twisted pairs […]

Bridge supports crafted

September 15, 2014


Njay got me not just the bridges but also some kind of ultralight plastic material plank to use as support for them. This mechanical support is of critical importance for the survival of the bridge circuits, because the only mechanical attachment between the bridges and their big heavy heat sinks are the electrical pins of […]

Christmas time!!!

September 13, 2014


NJay: Look what I brought you… Vnevoa: YESS!! 🙂 My turn to play with them!! 😀 And as soon as I got home I tried them out for size on the chassis… (to be continued…)

Chain protections

September 10, 2014


When my workshop looks like the aftermath of a hurricane, I know for sure that I had a swell afternoon. 🙂 So, as promised, I cut 2 protections for the transmission chains to prevent people from losing a few fingers while riding the Trike. Not that it wouldn’t be fun all the same, but I […]

Enough painting already!

September 7, 2014


We’re getting to the end of painting the Trike, so I’ve started reassembling it. The seat is going to get new upholstery, and I’m still thinking about paint details but not obsessively. 🙂 I’ve probably overdone it already with the hot-rod theme… 😀 Hey, it’s all in the name of fun any way! A safety […]

We’re really going to the Faire! :)

September 4, 2014


Vnevoa: I’ve finished building the new heat sinks for the second power bridge. Here’s how it looks with just one of them: NJay: Cool, I’ll take them home now. Meanwhile the I²C chips arrived. My friend has them, I have to go get them from him. Vnevoa: Finally, we’ll be able to get something done […]