We made the news!

Posted on September 23, 2014


We made the news!!! Here’s Portuguese television channel 3 (“SIC”)’s coverage of the event, with a 3 second apparition of the DiffTrike at timestamp 1:39.


Plus, the national radio “Rádio Renascença” also promoted the event and interviewed me in studio about the project. My 20-second promotion spot can be heard on that page; an  8-minute interview (from 07:45 to 15:45) in between a few more Makers was aired just before the Faire.

And the national newspaper “Diário de Notícias” also covered it, featuring 5 projects to showcase the faire, with a nice picture of the DiffTrike and a half-assed description of me and the project. 😉 That reporter was so hopeless that he got the name of the Raspberry Pi wrong even though I spelled it out for him. 😀 He didn’t even wait for Njay, who was busy showing off his own mini-CNC project, to snap the picture. 😦

artigo DNAnd this, my friends, is the end of this MakerFaire series. For over a month I’ve posted one article every day (most of them written about one or two months ago and published automatically) describing our odyssey to get the Trike running for the Faire. The deed is done, this iteration of the Trike is mostly finished, and we now have other things to do with our time unfortunately.

So, that’s all folks! 🙂 Thank you for your attention, and make sure you browse the Resources page if you’d like to play with our stuff. 🙂

Happy Hacking!


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