Off to the Faire!

Posted on September 22, 2014


NOTE: THE Lisbon Mini Maker Faire 2014 IS NOW OVER. THIS IS A POST-POST. 🙂

The Trike is finally ready for show time. Please have a seat and take a smooth ride…

MarkIV ready for action.

MarkIV ready for action.

So I packed it up on my car and went off to the Maker Faire.

Hitching a ride on a bigger vehicle. The Trike isn't ready for long trips (yet).

Hitching a ride on a bigger vehicle. The Trike isn’t ready for long trips (yet).

Once we got there, a lot of people wanted to ride it. Here one of my friends taking it slowly around the “Pavilhão do Conhecimento” hall.

Overall, the Faire was a resounding success: more than 9.000 people came to visit us over the weekend!! It was madness during the middle of the day, I had to park it during Sunday afternoon and told people that it was charging… when it was actually me who was charging!! 😀 I got extremely exhausted from running behind the Trike to avoid disaster when it was driven by small children (or pubescent girls) – they never do what we tell them, however clear our explanations are. 😀 One guy who was standing by got his ankle scraped by one of those girls. Girls and joysticks don’t go together well. 🙂

In fact, one detail surprised me and demonstrates what an old guy I already am: kids today don’t know what a joystick is! They’ve never seen one. I actually had to demonstrate how it works for them. That was a hard blow on my self-perceived youthfulness…. 😀 Just another sign of the times.

With the Trike and me sitting down during the whole afternoon on Sunday, I finally got to implement a fun feature I had planned for quite a while: Remote Control via WiFi. 😀 Pity I only got it working at the end of the Faire, after all the public and most of the Makers had left (I had to change a lot of stuff in my software). But it was still cool to see my friend H0tR0d sitting on the Trike with his hands in the air while Njay drove it from a distance with another joystick connected to my EeePc 901 laptop. This makes for a lot of funny situations… 😉


The Faire was quite plentiful in the amount of welcome kits and prizes they handed out to the makers, mostly courtesy of sponsor Here’s what I came home with…


One T-shirt, 4 arduino kits, and a “Bitalino” bio-sensors arduino kit (as a special participation prize for our project).

Hmmm… the Bitalino kit may come in handy for the next iteration of the Trike project…. removing the joystick for cycle pedals takes care of acceleration and braking, but to steer we need some other human interface. Like muscle-reading electrodes?… 😉 Just an idea…

And finally, the victorious return home. :)

And finally, the victorious return home. 🙂

The Trike had zero faults and the Power Bridges held out flawlessly. Congratulations to Njay and me!! 😀 😀 😀

(to be continued…)Lisbon_MMF_logos_Banner_big

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