Got chips, will hack

Posted on September 5, 2014


NJay: Yo, my miniCNC project was accepted as well!! 🙂 We’re gonna have 2 tables at the Faire, I’ll ask them to put us together.

Vnevoa: Cool! And they also approved H0tR0d’s e-bike! 🙂 We’re gonna have a cool time with all the gadgets.

NJay:  By the way, they’ve published your project.

Vnevoa: Wow, they’ve complimented it and all!!! 🙂

NJay: And guess what this is….

The I2C insulation chips... finally.

The I2C insulation chips… finally.

Vnevoa: Hooray! Freakin’ finally. Now what’s next?

NJay: Now I assemble and test it.

Vnevoa: Are you sure? Please remember that I’m completely available (AND IN A HURRY) to get those add-ons working. And since you’ve got more pressing things to do, you should consider letting me do it.

NJay: Nah, it’s just a few SMD components, I’ll get it done right away.

Vnevoa: Okay…

(to be continued…)Lisbon_MMF_logos_Banner_big