Still no chips, some more painting, brainstorm, registration

Posted on September 2, 2014


Njay – So, how’s things?

Vnevoa – Great, I’ve been working on the paint job. Check it out….

DiffTrike's new paint job coming along. Now with proper "hot rod" flames starting. Sorry for the dark pic.

DiffTrike’s new paint job coming along. Now with proper “hot rod” flames starting at the back. Sorry for the dark pic.

Njay – Coool. You guys are doing a great job! Now it needs some lights!! 🙂

Vnevoa – Hahahaha… like the “tuning” guys. Yeah, it’s alright, we’re having fun. 🙂 I’ve registered the project on the MakerFaire site.  Today’s the last day, so we’ll just have to wing it. Let’s see how that goes. I watched the Portuguese Makers Hangout dedicated to the MakerFaire, it looks like the main criteria for inclusion is openness and sharing. That gives us a fighting chance to get picked. It looks like they’re getting a lot of projects at the end of the deadline.

Njay – Does the RasPi have audio output? We could have it make some interesting sounds… like crazy engine noises.

Vnevoa – Great idea! Like we record a sound sample of someone doing a “vrrooommmm” sound with their mouth, really geeky, and then loop it on the RasPi, with the pitch/speed modulated by the joystick!

Njay– Exactly! And if you’ve got some joystick buttons left, it needs a horn.

Vnevoa – Definitely. Yeah, there’s some free buttons for that. I think the RasPi has a “Line Out” jack, and I’ve got some PC Speakers lying about. And the Pygame library has sound support. It’s as good as done. 😉

Njay – We should put some ultrasound range finders at the front, sweeping the corners…

Vnevoa – …and have the RasPi brake and stop if there are obstacles in front! 🙂 Yeah!! But aren’t those sensors fully analog? I don’t think we’ve got inputs for that.

Njay – More or less, they’re kind of analog. No problem, we just add another small controller to the I²C bus! 🙂

Vnevoa – Sure, once it’s working, we can dangle 127 devices there. Heheh.. like a christmas tree.

Njay – More like the root of a tree.

Vnevoa – Speaking of I²C, are the chips en route?

Njay – Nope. They got delayed again. If it doesn’t get shipped soon, I’m going to ask my friend to cancel the order and I’ll buy it from Mouser.

Vnevoa – Damn, it’s the single most important part, the blocking point, and it keeps getting delayed. Well, all those ideas are secondary to getting the communication bus working solidly. Without that, we haven’t got a system.

(to be continued…)Lisbon_MMF_logos_Banner_big