Hotrod painting!

Posted on August 30, 2014


So it was time to get the new painting of the chassis going. For this very important task I enlisted the help of my 2 best expert consultants in the area, my kids. 🙂

J, painting the long part of the "T".

Jo, painting the long part of the “T”.


Jo, helping me paint the wide part of the chassis.


Jo and M also helped me paint the yellow layer and start the “hotrod” looks. M (4yo) and his little friend the neighbour’s daughter (5yo) painted the yellow armrest.

Then the kids went to bed and I risked going into the red paint alone. Obviously I made a mess of it, so I had to call upon another specialist the next day, someone who actually knows her way around paints and brushes: Pat.


Pat trying to minimize the damage I made when I found myself in the possession of a large brush and lots of red paint.

Sure enough this is not going to look all professional and slick like the hot-rod paint jobs of the forties, but we’re having fun together. 😉 Even our neighbours are starting to look over the fence to find out what is going on. 😀

(to be continued…)Lisbon_MMF_logos_Banner_big