Add-ons assembling, Bridges finalizing

Posted on August 27, 2014



Njay: The add-on board is under assembly. The main chips are still on their way.


The add-on communication boards. Partly assembled, waiting for the main I2C insulation chip.

Njay: I’ve put together the test environment, made some experimental changes to the code to try and read the motoring current, but no luck.  I’ll get back to it after I work on some other stuff I have in hands.


Njay’s motor controller development workbench. 350W DC motor on the top left, power bridge on the bottom right, and I2C control console on the bottom left.  In case you’re wondering, the butter case houses a power supply. Njay knows that “with butter, everything is better.”


The numbers on the console show the I2C registers of the power bridge, for both control of PWM and monitoring of all the status. He can test the bridge by toggling the register values with the buttons on the right side.

 Vnevoa: Wooohooo! 🙂 Yeah! Now we’re cooking! 🙂 When the chips arrive you can pass me the add-on boards and keep working on the bridges…

(to be continued…)