Paint job design

Posted on August 26, 2014


Vnevoa: Hey, Jo, do you remember this painting you did 2 years ago, at Manuel’s house? [She was 6 years old back then.]

Jo: Yes, I do.

colors jo old

DiffTrike Soapbox Mk II’s colour study. Left: Manuel’s drawing and colouring. Right: Vasco’s drawing and Jo’s colouring.

Vnevoa: Do you like it? Would you still like to paint it like that?

Jo: Yes. Hmmm…. I don’t know. No.

Vnevoa: Cool. Let’s try colouring it again.

Jo: Yeaahh, I want it to have flames, it’s going to look real fast!! 🙂

Vnevoa, thinking to himself: “maybe I should go easy on the Iron Man movie scenes with the kids.”

colors jo

Jo’s new rendition of the DiffTrike.

Vnevoa: That’s very cool! 🙂 I love it. Let me try now… I want to keep the number of colours to a minimum, don’t want to make it look like…

Jo: …a salad?

Vnevoa: Yes. But I love your painting. 🙂

colors van

Vnevoa’s rendition of the DiffTrike.

Jo: I love it! It’s better than mine…

Vnevoa: No it’s not, it’s just different. But I don’t want to buy a lot of different colours, and here we have just 3.

Jo: Why not light blue here in the middle, like the sky?

Vnevoa: I like dark blue, it’s like a fire at night.

Jo: Ooooh, like “Night Fury“!! 🙂

Vnevoa: Yeeeeah, exactly! 😀  So, how should we paint the seat?… maybe a symbol?… we can’t put too much paint on it, the sponge will be ruined.

Jo: How about “Team Work”?

Vnevoa: Great idea! 🙂 We’ll write “D I T”, which is short for “Do It Together”. Now we need to get some paint and brushes…

(to be continued…)