Chassis reclamation

Posted on August 25, 2014


So I went down to the garage to see how the DiffTrike “Soapbox” chassis was doing, amongst the diesel soot and dust from people’s cars.

There she sat, patiently waiting leaning against the wall, already for 2 years. The tyres were flat and the transmission chains hanging on the floor, but it still has combat potential. 🙂

trike stored

DiffTrike MkIII abandoned chassis

“Right”, I told her, “time to dress up, you’ve got a date to go to. You’ll be playing with the other kids in a couple of months, we need to get you all prettied-up.”

So I stripped her down to the bone, dismantled all the bits and pieces that aren’t structural, cleaned the debris from between her teeth, pumped her tyres up, and prepared her for painting.

trike dismantled

DiffTrike chassis stripped and ready for some creative painting.

There. Lookin’ good already. 🙂

Now I’ll be calling on my Creative Design Consultants for the paint job. 😉

(to be continued…)