First add-on PCB

Posted on August 21, 2014


Njay: Routing complete, ugh! Next I gotta print this and do an assembling mock-up, see if the components fit and all that. If everything goes well, I’ll have a pair of PCBs made and I’ll order the components. I’ll also see that the stuff is loaded into the git repository.


Transparent 3D rendering of the add-on 2-sided board

Vnevoa: Jolly good show, partner!!! 😀 😀 Would you put some RJ45 plugs in there?… would make it a lot easier to make cables, and allow us to quickly switch components between the trike and a test bench, and also guarantee more reliability as time goes by. But there is probably not enough space for it… 🙂

Njay: Yep, no space, sorry. I also don’t want to enlarge the board any more, it would prevent the bridge from “breathing”. I’m going to use header pins of a latched type.

(to be continued…)