Posted on August 14, 2014


Vnevoa: Hey buddy, how about you and me making one last sprint in July/August to finish the power bridges and get the Trike running for the Lisbon Maker Faire in September, just for kicks? I’m finishing my school work in a month, we could have a few hacking sessions like the good old days, what do you say? Do you have the time?

Njay: Bastard, you read my thoughts. I’m seduced by the idea, but I was holding back on it and justifying myself with your super busy working-and-studying-dad life. Now you went and spoiled it all. I hate you. 🙂 I’m not sure if you’re talking about my bridges or the MD03?… I’ve got other stuff for September, I need to think about it.

Vnevoa: hehehehe. Dude, of course I’m talking about finishing your bridges! Where would the fun be for you otherwise? I’ll leave it up to you, I just want to have some fun doing something different for a change. If you can’t, you can’t, just say so and we bury it.

(to be continued…)


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