Some house cleaning

Posted on August 18, 2011


I’ve gone back and took a look at all the posts in the blog to re-categorize them. I did this because I realised this blog encompasses not one but three projects:

  • The “Add-on-HEV” project (2007 ~ 2009), where I wanted to convert my car to a Hybrid Electric Vehicle by adding on some electric gear;
  • The “MotorFemmulator” project (2007 ~ 2009), where I built a software framework to automate the design, simulation, and optimization of electric motors;
  • The “DiffTrike” project (2009 ~ ongoing), where I and a few friends are developing a new incarnation of Hybrid vehicle.

I also added a “Dimensioning” category. I could have just gone ahead and ignored all this, but I like to keep things tidy so I created new categories for the posts and re-tagged them as appropriate. So now, for historical interest, we can click on the category cloud and get just the posts for each project. I also added a “monthly archive” drop-down to allow access to older posts.

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