Posted on June 28, 2011


Yes, the project is still very much alive. 🙂

I haven’t had much to say publicly, because development has been going on behind closed doors with a team of volunteer enthusiasts and I’m still seeing where this is going.

Current status is:

– the SoapBox MkII is nearly finished and most of the materials are there, it just needs a few hammer and screw touches to assemble;

– the power controllers for the motors are rapidly taking shape on NJay’s workbench, they will be smoking pretty soon; 😉

– the basic control software and firmware is mainly done, we just need to iron out the bugs with a bit of integration testing.

– the remote monitoring software is taking shape and getting fancy, it may need some rearranging one of these days so that people other than me can understand it… 🙂

That’s all folks! Keep tuned in.


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