The Soapbox PoC takes its first spins

Posted on November 11, 2009


Here it is, at long last. The Soapbox proof of concept takes to the road. Actually, to the parking lot. It’s a lot safer. 🙂

I promised video, didn’t I?

First of all, a simple systems check:

Tonight I tightened the transmission chains, they were falling off on tight curves. 🙂 Also adjusted the long board to center the mass a little bit more, the tail was way too heavy. And switched the sealed lead-acid batteries with some lead-gel batteries to increase power.

And after that, a few rides and cartwheels around the place:

Not bad, for an electric vehicle that is completely unbalanced and has power controllers that run away in unpredictable manners… 🙂

This thing is very much like riding a go-kart. I bet that I can get the same thrill at a quarter of the speed… 😉