Another semester finished. Balance time and my first paper.

Posted on August 12, 2009


We finally wrapped up our group works. Yes, we dragged our feet like sloths on this one (school ended almost two months ago). Or rather, we definitely bit off more than our part-time researcher lives allow us to chew.

Anyway, if you’d like to read the more or less full account of our work in the past 4 months, here’s the “scientific article” that our teachers had us write. It’s not a real paper, it isn’t going to be published anywhere; it’s just their way of getting us to wet our toes in the vast ocean of academic research.

Personally, I liked the experience of writing the paper; but it is a hell of a lot more work than I expected (consistency is a pain in the butt). The most difficult part for me is to fit everything into just 6 pages… for a project without much to say, it sure was hard to cram everything in there!!! 🙂

As to the status of the project:

  • I kind of gave up on converting a vehicle for myself – I lack the time, space, and money; I’ll probably wait a couple of years and get some factory-made electric vehicle (a Portuguese-made Nissan perhaps?); I had a guy verbally contracted to make the conversion under my supervision, but the benefits were just too small for such an investment; I’d rather do the conversion _after_ I have my own “super” motor available.
  • I’ll keep working on my wheel-motor development; things are gearing up for a nice prototyping project in ISEL; I’d really like to mess around with cheap composite materials and see what kind of efficiencies I can come up with; there will always be demand for wheel motors, especially if they can be quickly customized… I think this is my best bet in eventually spending my entire time working on EV technology and propagating it freely to spike European competition in this industry (hey, big dreams power progress 😉 ).

As to the code in the repository, I intend to make a comemorative file release for people to play with, but first I have to clean up a little bit… these last few weeks have been, how should I say… intense. 😉