To startup, or not to startup…

Posted on June 16, 2008


I’ve been quite distracted over the past 2 months, because after asking for an enthusiast’s help on building the motor, I was introduced to a couple of business men and the whole idea got blown out of proportion… I started thinking about a conversion business, or a conversion kit franchise, and a few other modes of making lots of money. Soon I forgot about motor modeling and HEV systems, all I could see was the business models, investor relationships, and patent lawyers crawling up my €$$.

No more.

I’m going to do what makes me happy: build the perfect car for me. If, after I do it, someone approaches me with commercial intentions, then it’s another issue entirely, and I’ll be happy to talk to them. But I don’t think that will happen, because the time-to-market is all wrong for me. I started this project on a dare: “I’m going to build what the car makers should have built already! I dare them to the finish line!“. Well, the finish line seems to be the year 2010, and they will probably win. As far as I am concerned, I feel vindicated! I’m happy to see that there will be serial hybrids coming into the market in 2 years.

So, on one hand, some new cars will have serial hybrid transmissions, and on the other hand the full-electric market seems to be taking off quite seriously, much before the hybrids. And as an added bonus, the old car conversion to electric is also kicking alive among the EV enthusiasts over here in Europe.

People are going in the right direction, and I’m glad to see I was just another one in a very large number of people who observed the tendency and started to move forward.

I may have lost the (market) battle, but we are all going to win the (energy) war. 🙂