Architecture redone

Posted on February 20, 2008


After careful consideration of the usage cases and a few other deployment constraints, I remade the architectural document.

The plan now spans 4 phases, instead of 3. Just being careful.

This time I also included a sub-project breakdown. Boy, this thing really is big… so far its weight is 18 different work packages. Yummy. Work, work, work.

It is normally regarded as a “good thing” to break a complex problem down into many simple problems until the complex problem no longer poses a threat to implementation… but I think the same trade-off that usually happens in Software engineering (can you say “class explosion”?!) is also true for hardware design: you have to strike a balance between simplicity of components and the sheer total number of components… tricky.

So here is the thing again.

Comment at will.

Posted in: Add-On-HEV, Strategy