New motor design – radial flux

Posted on December 24, 2007


I’m now integrating all the know-how we have accumulated in our discussions into a new design.

I’m writing a new LUA script for FEMM, that draws the motor according to the new suggestions (radial flux with 2 magnet rows).

Why do I bother writing a script, instead of just designing the motor in FEMM by hand? It would be faster and simpler, you would think… Well, the script is the fundamental first step in a really cool workflow pipeline that I have been developing. Check it out:

LUA script –> FEMM magnetic design (semi-automated simulation and optimizations) –> CAD export (DXF file) for mechanical design and contractor specification.

The sweet thing about using a script to make a drawing is that you can simply change a rule or a parameter and press a button, and voilá, a new motor is drawn before your eyes. Always make the computer work for you, that’s what I say. 🙂 Then you can just add a small cyclic test program, and you have built an optimization tool.

You know, FEMM may be a somewhat limited application, but it has the wonderful capabilities of LUA scripting and DXF import/export, and that helps immensely in a larger workflow integration. I start out with a “simple” set of rules and parameters, and I end up with a CAD drawing that has been scientifically validated. Really cool. 🙂

As soon as it is working, I’ll post the designs.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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