Motor design – alternative 1

Posted on December 13, 2007


So NJay already has a proposal for the motor design that removes the burden of the static “mega-force” that was detected in my initial design.

He sent me a few 3D sketches (made with “Google Sketch-Up”) of a different orientation for the stator and rotor. He chose to go back to basics and adopt the conventional way: put the rotor outside the stator, instead of parallel to it. So the motor parts go back to being cylindric (although very short cylinders), instead of being a pair of discs.

He also opted to add a second rotor face, inside the stator, to double the available force. Very nice indeed!!! 🙂


You can see the stator on the right, with only one coil represented, and the rotor on the left, with the 2 magnet rows present.

I find this design very good! The only reason I haven’t gone this way before is that I don’t know if I can fit all this into the wheel… there’s a lot more free space in the horizontal axis than in the radial axis…

Of course, we could use just one row of magnets, and then everything would fit in easier. But then, the static force that pulls the rotor towards the stator would not cancel out.

Whether or not we use 2 rows of magnets, this design already solves one problem: assembling and disassembling the motor no longer requires special tools or strength.

So, I’m pretty much still playing around with the idea. I’ll have to build a new FEMM simulation script to run the magnetic computations on this new model. In the meantime, I’ve contacted David Meeker, the author of FEMM, and he was able to reproduce the crash of the program using my script. This is good news, it means there will be a corrected version of the program coming our way any day now. God, I really love the Free SW community!!! 🙂

Any other geniuses out there? 🙂

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